Weathervane Tack can supply all of your horse care needs. We offer the best prices on equine products, tack, vaccines and medicines.

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Weathervane Tack has an outstanding selection of horse care supplies.

Ivermectin Paste 1.87%

Easy to administer oral Ivermectin paste for horses and ponies. Helps remove and control 35 combined species and stages of parasitic worms and bots. Controls all three stages of the most common bot species. Protects against large and small strongyles, bloodworms, ascarids, roundworms, threadworms, pinworms, hairworms, lungworms, large mouth stomach worms, and bots. Also controls "summer sores" caused by bots and dermatitis caused by neck threadworms.

MSRP $5.59
Special $2.89

B-Kalm Supplement Paste

B-Kalm Paste is an amino acid paste containing L-tryptophan. B-Kalm Paste has not been shown to hinder performance or alertness. B-Kalm Paste has been used effectively for many years. 1 syringe contains 10,000 mg of the amino acid L-Tryptophan. 1.2 oz.

MSRP $9.88
Special $7.49

CoFlex  Animal Bandage

Coflex Is A Cohesive Flexible Bandage Manufactured For Bovine Hoof Trimmers That Can Also Be Used As a Lightweight Wound Dress Coflex does not stick to skin or hair, and provides consistent compression without danger of constriction. bandaging tape provides controlled compression for wound dressings, De-Claw Procedures, Light Support Wraps, and Catheters Fo. This Coflex Animal Bandage is one of many top quality items in our Animal Bandages & Wraps department. Colors in-stock are Black, Blue, Purple, Hunter Green, Red, Teal and assorted neon.

$1.49 Each Roll
Buy a case of 18 rolls same color at: $1.39 per roll.

Nutrip Salt Block Holder

Fits all standard 4 lb. salt blocks. Heavy duty plastic components held together with platic covered bolts. Inver this salt block holder and it can also be used as an attractive bridle holder complete with horseshoe design.

MSRP $9.69
Special $6.99

Oster Stiff Grooming Brush

This durable body brush with stiff bristles is just what you need to remove the mud, sweat and dirt from your horses’ coat. The comfortable handle makes your job even easier.

MSRP $15.09
Special $11.79

Oster Soft Grooming Brush

The Soft Finishing Brush has dense, natural bristles that help bring out the shine in your horsee's coat. Brushes are available in Blue and pink.

MSRP $17.69
Special $12.79

Oster Face Finishing Brush

Oster Face finishing brush helps add that luster to your horse by bringing out the natural oils in his coat. The Oster ECS Line of Grooming Tools feature control touch handles that are ergonomically designed to reduce hand fatigue. These one-of-a kind grooming tools are made to last and offer uncompromising results in horse grooming

MSRP $16.49
Special $12.79